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Diana has extensive experience and qualifications in the following discipline:

It is rare to find a person whose passion is so intense that they have an overview like the eagle soaring above the land and envisioning the bigger picture. Diana has assimilated Vedic astrology into her very essence, and delivers powerful consultations that are a blend of mind blowing accuracy and down-to-earth practical wisdom that penetrates all levels and layers and takes you to the core of the issue. She is an incredibly gifted visionary. T.D.


Diana has provided me with deep guidance through her Vedic astrology mastery for several years. Her passion for Vedic astrology is evident through the illustration of her knowledge. She has guided me through thick and thin concerning life decisions like relationships and career, and I have full trust in her abilities and wisdom. Artie O.


I’ve had the privilege of experiencing a reading from Diana Llanio. Diana’s reading for me was amazing. She was very accurate about things that she explained to me about myself and the relationships that exist within me and my family. She was able to tell me things about my personality that I would have believed only people who know me personally can tell me. I really enjoyed finding out my sun sign and moon sign, the subconscious part of myself and how these signs affect things that happen in my life and my behavior. -Tiffany Marshall 2/2/202

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